Weekly Notes May 14, 2018

Almost there! Hang on…just another few days.

This what I have been hearing from almost everyone. And as I come to the end of my 38th year in education, I can honestly say it has always been this way. It’s the stress of finishing projects, the pressure of exams, for some the anticipation of moving on to another school or grade or that it’s just time.

For teachers, it’s all of that plus completing paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. Cleaning out and packing up their classroom. And knowing that they should look ahead to next year but not yet wanting to!

This year for me, it is realizing that time has flown and I am almost through my first year. I haven’t been able to look back and reflect yet but will when the campus grows quiet.

For parents, it’s helping their children get through these last few days; to stay strong and keep working hard.


Almost there! Hang on…just another few days.

If your child is planning on attending St. Elizabeth again next year and you have not yet registered him/her please do so at your earliest convenience. It is important that we try to have as accurate a number as possible for next year.

Thank you again for your amazing generosity and thoughtfulness last week. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such an outstanding Teacher Appreciation Week! Everyday there were flowers, gifts, food and other tokens of appreciation. THANK YOU!!

Mass on Friday will begin at 7:40 am, our usual time. You have received letters from your child’s teachers about ceremonies and where everything will take place. This is such an exciting time for our youngest students.

Hopefully you have noticed the beautiful additions to our campus. Flowers are everywhere and the prayer garden looks wonderful. A special thank you goes to Ms. Patrice for the flowers that decorate the pots in front of the school. Thank you to Mr. David for the flowers that welcome us as we enter the administrative building and throughout the campus.

I have had a few questions about our school uniform for next year. The uniform will remain the same. When you receive your summer packet, you will read that some of the specifications concerning jackets, long sleeve shirts, and other items will be a bit more “relaxed”.  The middle school will have a choice of shoes. The particulars will be outlined.

The library roof is finished. If you were on campus last week, thank you for your patience. One day both gates were locked, another day only one, etc. I commended the students for following directions. They were wonderful.

Have a terrific week!


Summer Scrip Schedule- Last Scrip Order for 2017-18 school year- May 21.  Orders will be taken on the following Mondays during the summer: June 25 and July 30.  Orders must be placed on Monday before 9:00 am and can be picked up by noon on Thursday.  Regular Scrip schedule will resume on August 6.  

This is the last week to turn in clean basketball uniforms (jersey & shorts) and clean volleyball jerseys to the Office. Anyone not submitted this week will be charged to replace them.

8th Grade Exams- May 14- Social Studies and English, May 15- Math and Religion, May 16- Science and Reading

8th Grade Field Trip- Thursday, May 17

8th Grade Awards Luncheon- Friday, May 18 at 11:30am

5th-7th grade Exams- May 18- Social Studies and English, May 21- Math and Religion,  and May 22- Science and Reading. 

PreK3, PK and K Closing- Friday, May 18

8th Grade Closing- Tuesday, May, 22 at 7:00 pm

1st grade -7th grade awards- Wednesday, May 23 at 8:00 am

No Bus Service- May 24 or 25

SES Swap Shop- June 23 and July 28 from 10:00-1:00 in the SES Cafeteria.  You may begin sending uniforms to school. Please label if you would like to receive credit for them.