Weekly Notes April 23, 2018

All of our prayers worked asking that we have good weather for the fair! One minute it was raining, the next it stopped and the next we saw a blue sky. The day turned out beautifully. People came and enjoyed themselves. The kids had a blast playing the games, jumping around in the old gym and squirting silly straw at each other. I experienced some of my first real “Louisiana” food that I had not yet tried. All of it was delicious. The auction was amazing. If you volunteered to help in any way, big or small, on behalf of Fr. Matthew, the faculty/staff and the students of SES, I thank you for your support. No way could this be done without you!

Act Aspire testing is over and we now wait patiently until July when the results come in. I look forward to seeing the growth of our students for this year.

As I mentioned previously, the gates have been repaired. I need to ask that they remained closed at all times. Please do not ask a student to let you in. They have been told not to open the gate for anyone. We are not trying to teach them mistrust, but instead to understand that the gates are there to keep them safe. If they open it for you, they may forget and open it for anyone. Thank you!

As you know, I met with parents one morning and again one evening. Our discussions were extremely beneficial. Ironically the discussions were some of the same that I have been having with the faculty in regards to the handbook and policies. As a result, you will receive a letter in your end-of the year mailing, concerning school informs. It is not a change of uniform but instead let’s say, a “loosening up/relaxing” of a few things.I am happy to say that next year we are able to extend the Chromebook program to include both seventh and eighth grades. We are able to do this because of the funding we receive from certain government programs. The teachers were able to ask for items for their classrooms that they need. This is how you know that your emails and letters to our government officials are heard when we ask you to send them!!

I hope you have a terrific week!


Volleyball Games- Tuesday, April 24- at St. Thomas More- 4th/5th grade at 5:45; 6th/7th grade at 6:30; 8th grade at 7:30.  Wednesday, April 25 at St. Jean Vianney- 4th/5th grade at 5:45; 6th/7th grade at 6:30, 8th grade at 7:30. Friday, April 27- Home vs. Catholic of Pointe Coupee- 6th/7th grade at 6:30. Monday, April 30-Home vs. St. John (8th grade night)- 4th/5th grade at 5:45; 6th/7th grade at 6:30; 8th grade at 7:30. 

Progress Reports Issued- Wednesday, April 25

Spirit Dress Down- Wednesday, April 25.  Students may wear spirit shirts with jeans or school bottoms and school shoes. 

Field Day- Friday, April 27

Spirit Dress Down- Wednesday, May 2. 

May Crowning- Friday, May 4

8th Grade Exams- May 14-16

8th Grade Field Trip- Thursday, May 17

5th-7th grade Exams- May 18, 21 and 22

PreK3, PK and K closing- Friday, May 18

8th Grade Closing- Tuesday, May, 22 at 7:00 pm

1st grade -7th grade awards- Wednesday, May 23 at 8:00 am