Weekly Notes September 25, 2017

Happy Monday!

Our offices now have a new phone system that will enable a caller to leave a message after hours. You will be prompted to press a certain number to leave a message for me, Miss Melissa or Miss Patricia. If for some reason we are not able to answer the phone during normal school hours, the same prompt will be given.

We are installing new fire exit signs in the old gym, cafeteria and PreK 4/K classrooms. When complete we will be up to code in this area. We are also going to begin rewiring the cafeteria as we have found several issues that need attention. In time, you will see new lighting in there as well. The two large air conditioning units in the kitchen area will also be replaced as they are no longer working. And finally, hopefully in the near future, the roof of the cafeteria will have new supports, insulation will be pumped in the “attic” space, there will be a tree removed and gutters installed. And who knows? With a donation, we could also have new windows! Hint, hint!!

At Open House, there were concerns about the weight of your child’s backpack every day.  The Middle and Intermediate Schools change classes almost every hour of the day. In the present schedule students are not in their homerooms at the end of the day so they are unable to “drop” off books they do not need to take home. Middle School students (6-8) are being given the opportunity to go to their homerooms before the last hour to leave books they might not want to take home. Please remember that this is up to the child. The 7th and 8th graders have embraced this and are leaving books at school. However, very few of the 6th graders are taking advantage of this. The Intermediate School (3-5) will be organized to do this soon.

It has been decided that Sister Alphonse will drop the lowest computer grade. This decision was made by me after reviewing the tests, speaking with parents and Sister Alphonse. We acknowledge that the tests and material were above grade level and the test itself was not what the students were accustomed to. I hope you have seen less material being tested more frequently and that the tests are slowly building up to the level where we want our students to be. The technical aspect of computers is still present but now infused with practical usage. We are still working on the curriculum but I believe we are heading in the right direction.

If you have not already done so please contact Miss Melissa about signing up for Remind. It is our way to reach all of you at one time. Please also sign-up for OptionC. You will be able to see your child’s grades, homework and more. Finally, if the school does not have your email address, please send it to Miss Melissa at mlandry@sescubs.com  I am going to create “class groups” which will allow for more information to be sent home that may be specific to certain grades.

In an effort to save time and paper, I will be putting more and more on the website. Eventually I will have to create a new “section” that will contain explanations, clarifications, processes, etc. that would normally take a lot of room if put in the Monday Notes. For now, I will end this week’s notes with an overview/refresher concerning the AR Reading program.

Accelerated Reading (AR) Program:

All students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day at home.

2nd-3rd graders

·         Successfully complete 1 book per week. (eight books per nine weeks)

·         Books must be on the student’s AR level.

·         One test grade will be given by the principal at the end of the nine-week period. The grade will be the average of the top eight scores on the quizzes taken on the student’s AR level.

·         Students who do not meet the eight-book minimum will receive a zero for each of the quizzes not taken.


4th-8th graders

·         Successfully complete 2 chapter books

·         Books must be on the student’s AR level.

·         One test grade will be given by the principal at the end of the nine-week period. The grade will be the average of the top eight scores on the quizzes taken on the student’s AR level.

·         No student is allowed to OPT out of the program. Students who do not read the minimum of two chapter books will receive a zero for each of the quizzes not taken.


Ø  Individual student goals will be provided by your child’s teacher based on your child’s STAR reading test given at the beginning of the year.

Ø  Students are encouraged to use the computer lab before school, starting at 7:10 am, to take their tests. They are also able to use the computer lab during the two recesses. Be sure he/she has their book with them.

Ø  Students meeting the AR goals for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th nine-week periods will be rewarded with a field trip, party or other recognition.



4-H Dues- $5.00 are due October 20.  all members can send dues to the office in a labeled envelope.

Upcoming Events

September 25- Blood Drive- 2:00-7:00 in the SES Cafeteria

September 26- Individual Picture retakes (Students taking retakes must bring their original packets in) and Fall sports (Cheer & Cross Country).  Cheerleaders and Cross Country members must bring  uniforms to school. 

Snack Sale- Friday, September 29.  All items are $1

1st Nine Weeks Exams- October 3- Science & Reading, October 4- Religion & English, October 5- Math & Social Studies.   This schedule will be for the 1st nine weeks only.  

4-H Dress Down- Thursday, October 5. Students may wear a green shirt with jeans. 

Fall Break- No School. October 6 & 9

Home & School Meeting- Tuesday, October 10 at 6:30. 

Dreams Come True Dress Down- Wednesday, October 11. Students may wear any shirt with jeans for a $2.00 donation. (see SES handbook for complete dress down day guidelines)  All proceeds will go to the Dreams Come True. 

1st Nine Weeks ends- Thursday, October 12

Last Day to test for AR- Thursday, October 12.