Weekly Notes

                                                                                                                                                    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

We had a fantastic first day. Everyone was smiling and ready to go.

Some reminders…

Just like cell phones are not allowed, smart watches are not allowed. If a student must have one, he/she must give it to their teacher until the end of the day.

This was my first ever experience with a car line. It is a thing of beauty! I thought it went well. Everyone was organized. Your children are pros. We had a short assembly this morning and I told the students I would probably need to ask them as to what the “routine” is. I will learn along with them.

Each classroom door has been painted a new, bright color! The colors were chosen by the teachers and the doors painted by volunteers. The hallway is bright and cheery. The classes on the outside of the main building are easy to identify. Ask your child what color their door is.

*****Buses – Please send a note tomorrow with the address to where your child will need to be dropped off in the afternoon. We are going to make a master roster and then be sure the note remains in your child’s possession.

 If you are not sure as to the morning route for your child, please call the Assumption Board of Transportation. St. Elizabeth has not been informed as to where/when your child will be picked up in the morning.

In the afternoon, the young children will be given them a buddy or be sure they are with their sibling if they have one.  We have not been informed as to which bus your child will transfer to once they are at the high school in the afternoon.