Weekly Notes August 21, 2017

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!! Students in grades 5-8, who returned a signed permission slip will be viewing the eclipse at approximately 1:15 pm. The peak of the eclipse should be around 1:30 pm in our area. The students remaining indoors will be watching via internet in their classrooms. We are excited!!

Open House is this Thursday, 8/24. We will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. I hope to see all of you there. It will be my first time seeing you together as a group. It will also give you a chance to meet your child's teacher(s). Parents in grades 3-8 will follow their child's schedule for changing classes. Each "period" will be 5 minutes. I am looking forward to seeing you.

This past Friday we took a few minutes to celebrate Fr. Matthew's birthday. The children made cards which they proudly presented to him. He blew the candles out on his cake and we sang Happy Birthday. He surprised everyone by giving every student a free snack at lunchtime as his birthday gift to them! What a cheer was heard! Happy Birthday Fr. Matthew.

I encourage you to email me if you have any questions or concerns about anything. My email is kherpich@sescubs.com. I will answer as quickly as I can but usually no later than 48 hours. I will be happy to chat you with anytime. If I don't have an answer at that time, I will certainly find out. I am never too busy for you.

I ask your patience as I continue to learn the art of posting pictures and video's on Facebook. It is indeed a labor of love as I maneuver through it all. This dog will learn new tricks!

People ask me if I have adjusted to the deep south. It is to my favor that I spent last year living in Georgia. But I will admit, it is not the same weather as Louisiana. The sudden cloudbursts, the picking up of wind and then the almost immediate return of the sun is something I am still getting used to. But it won't take long. I am already used to how friendly people are; they smile and say hello whether they know you or not. They blow the horn if they see me walking Collin. I am very used to the five minute ride it takes me to get to school everyday. It has not taken me long to get used to the quiet at night nor all the stars I can see. This is indeed a beautiful place. I thank God for having led me here.

Upcoming Events: 

August 22- 5th Grade Parent Breakfast

August 23- Spirit Dress Down- Students may wear a spirit shirt with Jeans or school shorts/skirts.  Please see SES Handbook section 4.4.7 for complete dress down day guidelines. 

August 24- Open House 7:00pm

August 25- Snack Sale. All items are $1.

September 1- SES will have a full day of school.  Bus transportation will be provided in the morning only.  There will be no bus transportation in the afternoon. Aftercare will be available.

September 4- No school

September 5- Home & School Meeting at 6:30. 

September 6- Progress Reports issued.