Weekly Notes December 4, 2017

Schools are obligated by law to have safety drills each year. One is a fire drill. There is no set time or day that fire drills are conducted. Each class has a specific spot they must go to as quickly and as safely as possible and remain for as long as it takes for an all clear to be given. In the case of a real fire, that all-clear is given by the fire department.  Everyone must vacate the buildings, even visitors, and remain evacuated until told otherwise.  If it appears that I or another staff member are abrupt in asking you to stop, it is because your child’s safety is first and foremost on our minds and we are more concerned in making sure everyone is ok. So, if you are in the process of coming to pick up or drop your child off or are just giving something to the office and are asked to stop, please remember that there is always a reason for it; one that may not seem apparent to you right away. In some instances, someone driving cannot see where the students are. I deeply appreciate your understanding.


Breakfast with Santa was a great success! Thank you to the HSA for providing this fun morning for everyone. Our raffle winners are James Adams - $5,000.00, Susan Harris - $2,500.00 and Billy Guillot - $1,000.00. Congratulations to them and thank you to everyone who worked so hard to sell your tickets. Wyatt and Olivia Diaz won $500.00 for selling the most raffle tickets. Our winners of the limo ride and lunch are Marie Talbot, Hayden Burgess and Kaecen Williams.

Photo Booth pictures from the breakfast have been uploaded to Shutterfly. The log in information is sescubshomeandschool@gmail.com. The password is sescubs. Please feel free to log in and get your pictures. They will also be loaded to the schools Facebook page soon.

As was stated last week, we will begin to explain the process for identifying a student who may have specific learning issues and/or is need of accommodations to help them learn. Specific learning disabilities are, simply put, usually cognitive in nature; there is something going on with the student that prevents him/her from understanding what is being taught. We find out whether or not a student has a learning disability by evaluating the student using a specific series of tests especially designed for that purpose. But we just cannot say that a student needs to be tested. There is a length process that leads up to the actual evaluation. This involves is called RTI, Response to Intervention by the teacher(s). And what if the evaluation comes back negative, in that there is no actual disability but the student is still struggling? In that instance, students may be given accommodations. Accommodations are changes that remove barriers and provide your child with equal access to learning. Accommodations don’t change what a child is learning. Rather, they change how a child is learning.

We will stop here for now. Hopefully this all makes sense to you. To be continued next week.

Students were asked to design a Christmas card for the school to use as it’s “official” card. I am happy to announce that Cloie Neil, grade 5 designed the winning card.  We are in the process of having it made into a Christmas card to send to our fellow schools and churches in the Diocese to wish them a Merry Christmas.

The improvements in our cafeteria continue. There is now framing up for a new wall. The old heater is gone. The sheet rock will be done soon so we can paint. New lights have been ordered and should be delivered shortly.

Tomorrow is the Science and Social Studies fair. The teachers and students were busy setting up today. I am looking forward to seeing all the projects. After 12:30 pm, students will have an opportunity to view the projects with their teachers. Winners will be announced tomorrow as well. Thank you for making this a positive experience for your child. There is so much to learn by participating.

The faculty and staff will be heading to their Christmas party after school on Thursday, 12/21. There will be no after-care that day. Friday, 12/22 is our last day of school before the Christmas holiday. There will be no after-care on this day. Since Assumption Parish is closing a day earlier than SES, there will be no busing, neither morning or afternoon, on Friday, 12/22.

Have a great week!



Breakfast with Santa Raffle Winners- 1st place- James Adams, 2nd Place- Susan Harrison, 3rd Place- Billy Guillot.   All students who sold an extra book of tickets were eligible to win $500. The student who won this was Wyatt Diaz. Congratulations to all who won and thank you to all who supported the school by purchasing tickets!

Scrip Orders- will be ordered December 11 & 18.  After Christmas, we will resume the bi-weekly orders. 

7th Grade Parent Breakfast- Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Science & Social Studies Fair- Wednesday, December 6.  

Snack Sale- Friday, December 8.  All items are $1.00

Boys Basketball- Friday, December 8- 6th grade at 5:45 at St. Louis King of France, 7th Grade at 6:30 at St. Louis King of France vs. St. Francis.  Sunday, December 10- 5th grade at 2:30 at Holy Family vs. St. Jude.  Monday, December 11- 5th grade at 7:15 at St. Aloysius.  Wednesday, December 13- 5th grade  at 7:15 at St. Jean Vianney. 

Spirit Dress Down- Wednesday, December 13.  Students may wear spirit shirts with jeans or uniform bottoms. School shoes must be worn.  Please see the SES Handbook for complete dress down day guidelines. 

Christmas Memorials Mass- Friday, December 15, 2017 at 7:40am

2nd Nine weeks Exams- December 19-21.  December 19- Social Studies & English, December 20- Math & Religion, December 21- Science & Reading. 

No Aftercare- Thursday, December 21 & Friday, December 22.  

Last day to test AR for 2nd Nine Weeks- Thursday, December 21.  This is also the last day to qualify for the AR Field trip. 

No Bus Transportation- Friday, December 22.  There will be no bus transportation in the morning or afternoon. 

Christmas Nativity- Friday, December 22 following 7:40am Mass. 

Class Christmas Plays and Parties- Friday, December 22. 

Christmas Holidays- December 25-January 5.  Students return January 8.