Summer Reading

Students in grades 4-8 are required to read one NONFICTION Accelerated Reader book of their choice for the summer reading assignment.

  • The book must be on their Accelerated Reader level.
  • Students must complete 1 graphic organizer on the book they selected.
  • Students should find at least 1 other article (from newspaper, magazines, or online) on the same topic and read it for other fun facts about their topic
  • Students should try to find 1 television report/ show, video clip, movie, or song about the same topic looking for another fact.
  • Students will create a poster that includes the graphic organizer and other important information learned about their topic from all three sources.

This assignment must be turned in to ELA teachers August 9, 2016. Students must also complete an AR quiz on the selected book before August 19, 2016 - but students can test with the book as a resource.

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