Congratulations to our Science and Social Studies Fair Winners!

 Science Fair 2016

Division I 

1st Place - Alex Guillot

 Luke Viator & Reid Baye

2nd Place - Joshua Delhommer

 Sophie Simoneaux

3rd Place - Gabrielle Borne

 Melanie Gros


Division II 

1st Place - Candan Hebert

2nd Place - Maddex Blanchard

 Brennan Simoneaux & Braden Pujol

3rd Place - Logan Falsetta

 Alyssa Bailey & Rylie Klack 

Honorable Mention - Tyler Gros

 Abby Landry

Social Studies Fair 2016

Division Individual Projects

History-1st - Laura Savoie

Geography- 1st - Cecile Thibodeaux

2nd - Ashley Salazer

Anthropology-1st - Cloie Neil

2nd - Aiden LeBlanc

3rd - Hannah Deshotel

Political Science-1st - Maya Julien

Sociology-1st - Braxton Blalock

2nd Corrie Perera

LA History-1st - Grant Guillot

2nd - Adrian Prean

3rd - Ryan Jacobs

Economics-1st Lincoln Naquin


Division IGroup Projects

History-1st - Aiden Paine & Austin Paine

Sociology-1st - Haden Cedotal & Alex Landry

LA History-1st Chloe Caminita & Renee Ryland

Economics-1st Damon Hahn & Noah Giroir


Division IIIndividual Projects

History-1st - Jackson Bourgeois

2nd Annamarie Mabile

Geography-1st - Mason Fernandez

2ndLogan Ponville

Anthropology-1st - Owen Rives

Political Science-1st - Bruce Greene

Sociology-1st - Alex Blanchard

2ndAdley Mury

LA History-1st - Alyce Walker

Economics-1st - Noah Deshotel

2nd - Lindsey Gros


Division IIGroup Projects

History-1st - Brooke Barcelona & Anna Thibodeaux

2nd - Emily Pilley & Jayden Granier

Geography-1st - Haley Castro & Sadie Jacobs

Political Science-1st - Isabella Naquin & Olivia Zimmerman

Sociology-1st - Hagen Landry & Gage Breaux